Standard production time appears in the product information provided for each item. Published production time applies when product is in stock and ordered at catalog quantities. Contact factory for availability of product and production time for larger quantities.

Production time begins the next working day after the order is production-ready.

Production-ready means:

  • All order information is complete and all issues have been resolved.
  • Artwork has been received and approved by HPC.
  • Credit has been established, extended, or pre-payment received.
  • All proofs have been approved.

RUSH SERVICE – Must call for availability and approval.

Rush service is available on most products but dependent on inventory and production schedule. Multi- color/location imprints and where applicable, upgrades to blue writing ink do not qualify for rush service. We will make every effort to accommodate all rush orders free of charge. However, there are times when a rush charge of 5% based on the merchandise total or a $50(Z) minimum charge is necessary. Contact our customer service department to determine if a charge is applicable.

PENS - 24-Hr and 3-Day Service:

Available on pens as indicated on product page; also see index category, RUSH SERVICE, for a listing of available products. Again, availability is dependent upon inventory and production schedule and must be confirmed by factory. Once confirmed the following applies:

  • Write 24-Hour or 3-Day Service in large, easy-to-read letters on order.
  • Have pre-approved credit or pre-pay order.
  • Time deadline does not start until order is production ready.
  • Quantity limit – 2500 pieces unless approved by factory.
  • Standard product and imprint colors only.
  • No paper proofs (e-mailed or faxed).
  • Orders cannot be cancelled.
  • Orders received after noon Eastern Time will be considered as having been received the next business day.


The majority of HPC Global’s products require black and white art: the exceptions are those products offering 4-color process printing.

We accept MAC or PC created files done in the following software or earlier versions:
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC

Black & white art (spot color printing):
We prefer art prepared in vector format to size, saved as EPS or AI files with fonts created in outlines to prevent font substitutions. We will also accept high-resolution EPS, TIFF, PSD or JPEG files generated at a minimum
300 dpi to size. Artwork sent in color may incur an art charge to convert to black and white.

Art charge:
$60(Z) per hour to retouch artwork sent in non-vector format if necessary. Microsoft Word files will incur an art charge.      A free digital proof is included in the art charge. You will be notified of any additional charges before we proceed.

Process color art:
Art must be supplied correctly sized at 100% in CMYK color, 300 to 600 dpi raster or vector art unless otherwise specified on product page.

Artwork that is faxed, scanned, photocopied, or computer generated at less than 300 dpi, contains half tones, screens or shadows is not acceptable.


Unless specified on product page, our standard imprint colors are:

Black, burgundy PMS 505, emerald green PMS 347, forest green PMS 343, gold PMS 871, medium blue PMS 3005, orange PMS 1655, purple PMS 266, red PMS 186, pink PMS 213 royal blue PMS 2738, silver PMS 877, white, and yellow PMS 123. Colors are close to the PMS color listed and will vary slightly in production runs.

We recommend the use of white, gold, or silver ink on black and dark colored products.


Spot color imprints: PMS color matching is limited to white, silver, and wooden products only. $25(V) per color, per order (includes re-orders). HPC Global will make every attempt to match PMS colors as close as possible but an exact match is not guaranteed due to variations in product material especially wooden items. Color matches may also vary slightly from one production run to the next.

Four-color process: PMS colors are matched as close as possible within the scope of the CMYK color process, therefore PMS color matching is not guaranteed nor do charges apply. Metallic and fluorescent colors are not available for 4-color process printed items.


Assorted product colors are available at no additional charge provided the imprint color remains the same color throughout the entire order. For changes in the imprint color add $10(V) per color change.


Change of copy: 50% off the product’s production set up charge; applies per change.

Paper/digital proof (faxed or e-mailed): $7.50(V) per proof, adds a minimum of 48 hours to production time and must be requested. Changes may delay order shipment.

Pre-production proofs: Prior to the actual production of your order a pre-production sample can be printed for your approval. Production time for a pre-production proof is determined by the product’s production time noted in the product information.  Pre-production proof charges are not rebated and are applied per product or imprint variation.  If a pre-production proof is rejected due to a change in art or error due to insufficient or incorrect instructions, additional pre-production proof charges plus shipping costs will be billed and production of the order will be delayed.  Unless otherwise specified on product page, our charges are as follows.

Food Gifts: $75(V) plus shipping costs.

Four-color process printed items: $75(V) plus shipping costs.

All other products: The product’s production set up charge and shipping costs apply.


Gift card insertion: Unless otherwise specified on product page, gift or business card insertion is free of charge. Cards are restricted to a maximum size of 3” x 5”. Cards must arrive at factory 8 days prior to ship date – any delay will delay shipment.

Gift card printing service: When not included in price (see product information), custom printed white 3” x 5” gift cards with spot or process color print are available at a cost of $.35(V) plus a set-up charge of $35(V). All cards must contain the same message. Message area is limited to 4.5”w x 2.5”h.


Address correction fee: Carrier address correction fees back-charged to HPC Global will be invoiced at face value (per carton) for incorrectly supplied addresses.

Drop ship charge:

Food products – availability and cost depends upon the nature of the product and packaging – refer to individual product page. Individual drop shipping requires the use of an address list template available for download on our website or contacting the factory. Lists submitted in any other format may be subject to a minimum charge of $20(V) per hour.

All other products - Unless otherwise specified on product page there is a charge of $15(V) per each additional address after the first.

Foreign shipments: Drop shipments to Puerto Rico and foreign countries require a commercial invoice to accompany the shipment. If you are unable to supply an invoice at the time of order, HPC Global can prepare it for you for a minimal fee of $30(V).

Restricted Shipping:  This product ships by ground service only. International shipments and shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are prohibited.

Split ship charge: $15(V) per each additional shipment after the first.

Third party/recipient billing: Unless otherwise specified on product page, a $7(Z) per address charge applies to orders instructing HPC Global to ship on a third party or recipient’s shipping account number.


Acknowledgements are automatically sent by e-mail or fax. An image of the imprint also accompanies the acknowledgement on a separate page. The imprint image is not a paper proof and does not delay production. Allow up to three days to receive your acknowledgement. If you do not receive one or you find a difference from your original order please contact our customer service department immediately for assistance.


Include HPC Global’s invoice number and year produced on your order. Unless otherwise specified on product page the production set up charge is waived on exact repeat orders (exact same product with no changes in artwork) when ordered within one year of original order. Existing artwork applied to a different product will incur normal set up charges.


All cancellations must be approved by factory and are subject to the following.

Food products - $100(V) cancellation fee plus costs incurred for all work performed to the point of cancellation.

All other products - 10% or $15(V) minimum cancellation fee plus costs incurred for all work performed to point of cancellation. Cancellations due to an out of stock issue are not subject to charges.



Although we attempt to be as accurate as possible, all orders are subject to a 5% over/underrun with exception of Microwave Popcorn Bags which is subject to 10% over or under. Over/Underruns will be shipped and invoiced accordingly. Orders may state “No Overruns” or “No Underruns” at the risk of under-shipment or over-shipment. Orders stating “EXACT QUANTITIES ONLY” (unless otherwise stated on product page) are subject to the additional charge of $20(V) per product, per order with the exception of Microwave Popcorn, which is subject to a 10% surcharge.

Random samples: Non-food samples (within reason) are typically available at no charge with a shipping account number provided. Please allow one to two business days for processing.

Food Gift samples are available at 20% off the end-quantity net price with a shipping account number provided. Please allow five to seven business days for processing.

Spec Samples: Please inquire about spec samples but they are typically handled in a manner similar to product proofs.

Virtual Samples: Virtual samples are provided free of charge upon request. Art must be supplied to HPC Global.

Freight claims:  Title of all merchandise passes to consignee upon carrier pick up.  Recourse with the carrier is the responsibility of the customer.  HPC Global is not responsible for carrier delays.


Food products - Authorized by factory only; discrepancies must be noted in writing within 5 business days of delivery.

All other products - Authorized by factory only; discrepancies must be noted in writing within 30 days of delivery.

Returns will not be accepted without a factory issued return authorization number clearly marked on the outside of each carton or the return will be refused.

No credit will be issued for product that is unavailable to be returned.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) classifies no products manufactured by or for HPC Global, as children's toys and no products in the catalog are intended for use by children 12 years of age or younger.  Food products are manufactured in the U.S.A. for HPC Global in accordance with FDA regulations for food.  Drug products are manufactured for HPC Global in accordance with FDA regulations for drugs.  All other products conform to the requirements of the CPSC for consumer safety, and include, where applicable, appropriate warning labels.  Under current CPSC regulations, no warning labels are required on our products.  Please visit for more information with regard to CPSC and California Proposition 65.


HPC is not responsible for non-fulfillment of orders or missed ship dates caused by embargoes, strikes, fires, customs inspections or other causes beyond our control domestically or in the many foreign countries from which we import. If HPC can no longer obtain a product from one of its suppliers, we reserve the right to substitute a similar product of equal or greater value. HPC reserves the right to pass along product price

increases and/or increased freight charges that result from a change in national or world economics.


Trademarks, slogans, logos and other registered marks shown in our catalogs or on our website DO NOT signify endorsements by their owners and are not for sale. When placing an order that requires us to reproduce a registered logo, service mark or trademark, you and/or your client represent that you have the legal right to product the logo, service mark or trademark, and that in the event of any claim, you will hold HPC Global harmless and free of liability for any unauthorized use.